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This project is born from the need to give adequate tools to those who face the world of the Opera. Usually the conductor is trained by focusing his energies on the symphonic repertoire. Opera, on the other hand, needs particular attention as the work is divided into two levels, the stage and the orchestra pit. Furthermore, since we are no longer alone in building an interpretation, we must combine our ideas with the sensitivity of the singers we have before us.

The technical aspect then give us difficulties that are not present in the symphonic repertoire and another fundamental aspect, inseparable from the music, is the text of the libretto.

Understanding the deep meaning of the words is essential for building your own interpretation. In all these years I have met many young conductors who found themselves lost in front of an opera score. How to follow and breathe with a singer, how to face a musical rehearsal, what to ask and what terms to use to get the sound we thought, etc. These are the questions that I will try to answer . All these factors made me understand that it is necessary to give precise and targeted information to resolve the doubts. Personally, I consider myself lucky since I grew up in the world of opera. I come from three generations of musicians.

Each opera that we are going to study will be divided into three lessons where initially we will solve, bar after bar, all the technical problems that the score needs, and then we will go deeper in understanding the powerfull bond between text and music. The maximum number of students per lesson is set at ten because the idea is to have an active conversation with the participants. I will share with you the little secrets that I have learned in these twenty years of my career, when it is time to be active and when it is better to step back and let the boat sail alone in the wind. I have always had a strong desire to pass on my experience and I think that the time has come.
I wait for you to begin this fascinating journey together.
See you soon!

Carlo Montanaro

David F.