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This project is born from a desire to equip conductors with the tools they will need to face the world of the opera. Conductor training is usually focused on study of the symphonic repertoire. Opera, however, requires particular attention, as the work is divided into two levels - the stage and the orchestra pit. We are no longer alone in building an interpretation, and must be sensitive to the singers we have before us and combine our ideas with theirs. Opera also presents technical challenges that are not present in the symphonic repertoire. The text of the libretto is a fundamental component, inseparable from the music, and understanding the deep meaning of the words is essential for building your own interpretation. 

Over the years, I have met many young conductors who have found themselves lost in front of an opera score. How does one follow and breathe with a singer? How do you face a musical rehearsal? How do you ask the right questions and use terminology to get the sound that you have imagined? What are the stylistic traditions for this repertoire? These are some of the questions that I will try to answer. I have come to understand the need for sharing targeted and precise information that will help to resolve one’s doubts. Personally, I consider myself lucky that I grew up in the world of opera, in a family with three generations of musicians. 

Each opera that we will study will be divided into 3-4 lessons where we will solve, bar by bar, all of the technical problems that the score poses. Then we will go deeper, understanding the powerful bond between the text and the music. I am limiting the size of each session to ten participants so that we may have an active conversation. I will share with you the little secrets that I have learned in my twenty-year career - when to be active and when it is better to step back and let the boat sail alone in the wind. I have always had a strong desire to pass along my experience, and I think that time has come. I look forward to beginning this fascinating journey together with you. 

See you soon!

Carlo Montanaro

“Join me in this beautiful journey to unlock your potential and develop your interpretation. Let me share with you all of my experience after 20 years of conducting.”

Carlo Montanaro

Donation Program

Dear friends,
I set up a Donation Page to support the OperaWebinar Academy.
If you believe in this project and love Opera as I do, join me in helping young musicians discover this enthralling art form where words, music and singing come together in an indissoluble bond. Please visit the Donation Page to learn more about the program and how you can support student scholarships. With your support we will shape a future for Opera that in my opinion is of fundamental importance for our being.
Thank you very much!

Presentation Meeting

To all the people who couldn't join us in the presentation meeting, you can watch here two videos of the discussion we had online.
I really hope to see all of you again in class! 



This masterclass is for conductors and singers who wish to study and understand the opera repertoire on a deeper level.


We will begin with several of the most important operas in order to build a strong repertoire, with the ultimate goal of covering as many opera masterpieces as possible.


For every opera, we will have 3 or 4 lessons, each will be 2 hours long.


There will be three time slots offered for each lesson.


Each session will have a maximum of 10 - 15  participants.


If extra time is needed for a particular opera, I will add another hour for Q&A after the last lesson, free of charge.


Lessons will take place via Zoom at 1:00 pm and 3:00 pm Eastern Time (GMT-4)
I am going to add some time slots reserved for Asia and Australia (GMT+9). Come back for upcoming information.
Anyway, please feel free to contact me if all the slots are taken. I will be happy to add extra lessons to the schedule.


For each lesson, there will be a fee of  €40  ( promotional offer ) to be paid one day before the scheduled session. Once registered, you will receive a personal code to access the Zoom meeting. 


The lessons are currently in Stand By - For information please subscribe. Thank you.


Please choose the Opera you are interested in

Free Lesson

31 July 3pm (Eastern Time)

Lesson 1 - First act
6 April 3pm (Eastern Time)
9 April 1pm (Eastern Time)

Lesson 2 - Second act ( part one)
13 April 3pm (Eastern Time)
16 April 1pm (Eastern Time)

Lesson 3 - Second act ( part two )
20 April 3pm (Eastern Time)
23 April 1pm (Eastern Time)

Lesson 4 - Third Act
27 April 3pm (Eastern Time)
30 April 1pm (Eastern Time)

Lesson 1  -  27 July 2020 1pm ( Eastern Time )
Lesson 2  -  29 July 2020 1pm ( Eastern Time )
Lesson 3  -  31 July 2020 1pm ( Eastern Time )

Lesson 1  -  10 August 2020 1pm ( Eastern Time )
Lesson 2  -  12 August 2020 1pm ( Eastern Time )
Lesson 3   -  14 August 2020 1pm ( Eastern Time )


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