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Dear friends and supporters

After a 20 year career in the music business I feel the time is finally right to launch OperaWebinar, my online Academy, to pass on the love for Opera in all its various forms to new generations of musicians. 

Opera is a fascinating world full of emotions, action, drama, unexpected events, suffering and great happiness. Bringing to life what is written on a music sheet and being part of the magic that is created during the performance with the public is a moment of incomparable value that transports each of us to another dimension. You never want it to end! 

To stage the great masterpieces of the repertoire requires an understanding of how to work in a team by comparing our ideas with all the artists involved in the show. Trying to feel the pain and joy of the characters of the drama in one's own skin, to solve the technical problems present in the musical direction of an Opera are all fundamental building blocks for developing one's own and personal interpretation.
Precisely for these reasons, in these times so difficult for our art, I decided to develop a program where young talents can discuss, analyze and deepen with me every aspect of these immense masterpieces so they can be ready for a brilliant future career. 

I invite you to join me in helping young musicians discover this enthralling art form where words, music and singing come together in an indissoluble bond. With your support we will shape a future for Opera that in my opinion is of fundamental importance for our being. 
Best regards,

Carlo Montanaro

General Donation

  • Gifts of any size are important and will underwrite lessons for open registration students. Contributions from Euro 200 + are eligible for donor benefits.         

Opera Enthusiast

€  200+  
  • - Name listed on OperaWebinar    website
  • - Newsletter
  • - Invitation to attend all lessons      for one opera

Opera Lover

  • - Name listed on OperaWebinar    website
  • - Newsletter
  • - Invitation to attend all lessons      for two operas 

Opera Maniac

  • - Name listed on OperaWebinar    website
  • - Newsletter
  • - Invitation to attend all lessons    for three operas
  • - Recording of the lessons of one    opera

Guardinan Angel

 Euro 2500

Sponsorship of one student that includes:

- 8 hours of private lessons with me on a specific Opera plus 1 hour of extra time for Q&A if needed
- Focus on solving personal technical problems ( as every conductor is different, every student has different needs ) and personal discussion on interpretation of the piece, helping the student to express clearly her/his ideas

The student will be selected by me via CV, video, or recommendation from the sponsor. I will ask also the student to share why she/he wants to attend the course and I will personally contact the sponsor to share my opinion.

Guardian Angel benefits:
- Your photo and name listed on OperaWebinar website
- Your logo listed on OperaWebinar website
- Newsletter
- Private virtual meeting with me
- Invitation to attend all lessons and a recording of the lessons
- Correspondence from the sponsored student sharing their thoughts on their development during the course
- Virtual tea time with me and the student at the end of the course to share opinions, expectations and ideas for the future.
- Specially designed OperaWebinar pin
- Signed commemorative photo of the sponsor, student and me as a memory of the collaboration  

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